The Nudgers Knockout 2021

Peter Crocombe May 25th, 2021


In February 2020, we lost a great man to suicide. 

Paul Crocombe was an inspirational teacher, sportsman and Dad to the Chairman of the Nudgers (Pete) - and ever since his death, we've been on a journey to raise awareness about mental health and doing what we can to stop tragedies like this happening to other families. 

Last year, the Nudgers Knockout golf tournament was born - and in 2021, it comes back even bigger and better. 

64 entrants will be gracing some of the finest golf courses in the UK this summer - and along the way, will be raising money to help those who are struggling with mental health problems. Sport in Mind is a charity very close to us - and as sports lovers ourselves, we know the benefit that exercise brings to our mental wellbeing. They use the power of sport, to bring together and provide coaching sessions to those who are suffering. 

Each time someone goes in a bunker during the tournament, £1 is added to the charity pot. For every shank, £2 is added. And if you lose heavily (5&4 or worse!), £5 is donated to the pot. 

The theory being, you can play bad golf but still have a positive effect somewhere.