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We wanted to find a charity that would benefit others who suffer with similar issues as Paul/Dad and one which also resonates with his character. ________________________________________________________________________ Sport was at the heart of Paul’s life. In his youth, his love of Plymouth Argyle, Bobby Charlton and playing all sports resulted in his childhood ambition of becoming a PE teacher. From happy college days to 3 back to back promotions (1991-3) with his beloved Bakewell Mannerians and many successes at Bamford and Baslow tennis clubs, he played many sports to a high level. Always one to play down his own achievements though, he was arguably most comfortable passing his own talents on as a coach and teacher to hundreds of inspired children. ________________________________________________________________________ Starting out at St. Peter’s (Panchgani, India: 1979-82), Paul then went on to enjoy 24 happy years running the sport at S. Anselm’s (Bakewell: 1982 – 2006) before finally retiring from teaching at The Croft (Stratford-Upon-Avon: 2006 – 2017). Any child who was taught by him during these times will remember his encouragement, passion, love of shorts and genuine happiness in seeing his pupils excel. ________________________________________________________________________ We came across Sport in Mind and after a call with their founder Neil Harris, we realised we’d found a charity that fitted perfectly. Neil’s concept came about after he devised a sport and physical activity programme for his great friend who had become mentally unwell. The results were lifechanging and his friend is now 9 years relapse free and back in full time employment. After realising it could help more than just one person, Sport in Mind was born and the charity now roll out several physical activity projects alongside the NHS across the Home counties, having now supported over 10,000 people experiencing mental health problems through sport. ________________________________________________________________________ As well as the ultimate goal of preventing another family going through what we have, Sport in Mind also gives us a platform to raise awareness about mental health, particularly in the field of sport where there has traditionally been a stigma in showing signs of ‘weakness’. ________________________________________________________________________ If you would like to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems through the power of sport, please join us in donating to this fantastic cause. ________________________________________________________________________ We know Dad would be right behind this too.

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